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About Us: mission, history and etc

About Us

We Invest in People & Retain Them To Deliver Beyond Industry Standards To Our Prestigious Clients

Our Philosophy

Web Initiate stand on these five pillars, by which we focus on customers need in order to create the word “satisfaction”

Focus on your customersphilosophy

So many Web sites talk about themselves: Our product. Our service, Our company. But where is the customer in this? Why should the potential customer come to your site? Why should she be interested? Web sites must be designed with the customer in mind. What are his questions? What are potential objections? We Offer a rationale to counter their needs.

Dealing with a customer’s concerns is one aspect of marketing, but getting him there in the first place is even more important. The more information you can give your potential customer on your field or industry, the more likely she is to find you on the Web search engines. The classic Web marketing strategy is “Give Something Away, Sell Something”.

Offer Excellence

With millions of Web pages and thousands of competitors’ sites on the Web, they only way you can succeed is to offer all around excellence in your company’s presentation on the Web. Nothing less will do.

I can make a strong case that the Web is primarily a text medium. Unlike the way I leaf through National Geographic, people surf to read, not just look at pictures. The Web calls for excellence in writing and logical presentation. If you’ve developed a Web site, you now appreciate how much time goes into writing the copy for the pages. Don’t just skim the surface with generalities. On the Web you have space to explain in detail, to make your case, to highlight the benefits, to give your customer multiple reasons to buy, and to stimulate him to click on the “order button”.

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