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Content Marketing: new era of Xpression !!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing or Article Marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles

related to their respective industry and those articles are made available for distribution and publication in the marketplace.
Writing Blogs, Publishing Press Releases, Posting articles on various informational websites are the part of article marketing.

Internet article marketing is a web marketing approach to subtly promote products and services online via article directories. Article directories having good web page rank receives excessive quantity of site visitors and are thought-about authority sites by search engines, which often leads to receiving good quantity of traffic.

Those businesses who wish to obtain free press space can use the formats of article marketing i.e. paper print formats and online formats. Businesses can gain more popularity by lending essential contents to newspaper at free of cost. Promoting business by using this method can prove to be advantageous as newspaper and various other forms of marketing are becoming more cost effective.

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing is the process of marketing to prospective customers through the production of unique and valuable content. The content may take many forms – blog articles, eBooks, videos, podcasts or images, to name only a few – but should be educational in nature rather than an effort to make sales.

The philosophy behind content marketing is that through your content writing and  sharing, you will build trust and develop a relationship with the reader, which will in turn, eventually lead to business or referrals from them.

In addition to drawing qualified traffic to your website, content marketing will help to position you as an industry expert, and to develop trust and loyalty among those that read your content – first drawing them into the sales funnel, then moving them through the various stages, and finally resulting in a sale as they move out of it.

Why content marketing?
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings: Content Marketing is a very effective SEO tool. In today’s search space, content marketing is search engine optimization – just ask Google. Content of the highest editorial quality and relevance is cached and ranked by the search engines, drives traffic, improves organic search engine optimization and increases inbound links.
  • Better targeted traffic coming to your website
  • Demonstrate your expertise – develops trust and earns loyalty
  • Capture Leads – Frequently updated social pages, blogs, email newsletters, helps you engage your audience wherever it is online. The more touch points you have, the more likely you will reach a convertible audience
  • Nurture and Convert Leads – The information people find online impacts their purchase decisions, and it’s essential that you put your company’s best foot forward
What do we offer!

Customized solutions : Each business has its unique characteristics and their own set of requirements. The content marketing strategy that works for one business may not work for the other. At Webinitaite, the dedicated will deliver content that is focused on individual needs.

Team of professionals : Our copywriters are capable of delivering the right message to right audience via their experienced write up and corporate communication skills.

Cost effective solutions : We do not create useless articles and blogs here. What we create is content that a brand can be proud of! More so, our services are offered at reasonable prices

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