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Mobile Application Development India

Mobile Application Development India

Mobile Application Development India

Top Mobile App Developers in India for Android, iPhone, Windows & Blackberry Devices

Mobile Application Development :-
With the development of latest technology and smart phones, demand for mobile apps development has increased exponentially. It provides mobility to access from any part at any time. . A huge advance in mobile phone technology has left no difference between real and mobile internet. Users will be able to see the website in small screen and will be able to take an easy advantage of mobility.

Mobile Application is becoming the fulcrum of all business activity today. With more advanced technologies and higher computing processors, a mobile is able to handle most of the applications built for a computer. It can be a responsive website, compatible for the mobile screen, or an application for your existing web application. You can generate invoice for your business, track where your employees are, attend meeting on mobile through Video applications, shop for latest trends through e-commerce application, book flight tickets for your next trip or simply watch TV and be happy. Indeed, today mobile phone is a need rather than luxury.

As, a company we have developed several apps for clients round the globe, almost in every segment. We are a team of highly skilled mobile app developers and have developed more than 100 Apps that are live thus far most of them having 4+ rating. Our expertise on mobile application can turn your dream into reality. What makes us different form the rest is that we add up our suggestion to your idea so that in case you have missed any point, we can bring it into focus. Our experienced UI/UX designers along with the developers with ideas and technologies are more than capable enough for any kind of application. Be it iOS, Android, J2ME, HTML5 or Node.JS, we cater the need of all kind of business, industries and sectors.

Application Development:

Web Initiate expertise in robust & scalable mobile application development services across various platforms either it is an android application or an iOS. Though our portfolio shows that we have developed applications extensively on iOS and Android, our expertise is not limited to these two technologies. Our expertise is in delivering a complete solution rather than just an application. With extensive support our clients have a bonding with Web Initiate. With native and cross platform applications, we have delivered solutions in every technology. Some categories of cutting edge expertise being m-commerce, payment gateway integration, location based applications, Business Intelligence Push Notification, Audio/Video Streaming, Hybrid Applications and much more. Though we are one of the leading mobile application development companies in Noida, Delhi NCR that doesn’t mean our client’s are limited to Noida only, we have a long list of clients located throughout India and abroad.

Enterprise Mobility

Go Mobile. This is what has been the voice of the generation. With internet becoming something accessible and interpretable to the masses special on mobile, the need of your presence in the mobile world becomes vital. Our team has the expertise to make your present website/application mobile friendly and keeping the original functionality intact. With easy and responsive navigation on small/big screens, your online presence grows with every download.

Mobile SDKs

Want a tool on which your vendors can build an application. Our team create platform and application specific SDKs for ISV’s helping them in their down-stream development. The programing package includes everything you need.

Porting Solutions

Already have an application but its just for one particular platform? Our team has the expertise of understanding your application and building the new one from the scratch for every other platform. This eliminates the dependency of your application and users been specified and expand globally.

Mobile Games

Remember Mario? It reminds us that there is no better way of engaging the customers other than a simple and entertaining game. Our team has the expertise of designing and developing the 2D/3D games with no bugs and extensive stages for binding the customers. Our games success rely on awesome designing and great development of application and the backend.

Mobile Websites

Is your website mobile friendly? A mobile friendly or a responsive website is one which is aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience. This makes the website screen side independent and the user can read and view images on any browser and device. This in turn increases the number of users visiting your website every day and generate a higher ranking for you in search pages. At Web Initiate, we make sure that the website is tested on every single device possible so that your user have a seamless experience of browsing.

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