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Opportunities in Android App Development in India

Mobile Application Development
Opportunities in Android App Development in India

The mobile App development business has achieved rapid growth in recent times, if we go by the current trends in the industry, it is growing by leaps and bounds, it is all set to become a parallel economy. The number of android app developers in India is also expected to grow as more and more software developers are choosing to build mobile apps.

When we talk about mobile apps, android comes out as a bigger player in the market of mobile apps. It has many users and the number is continuing to grow as it gives users more options in various budgets to luxury section.

Why Android:

The number of android based smartphone users is growing rapidly. Unlike the other smartphone operating systems iOS, Windows and RIM there are many companies which are making android smartphone, which makes it a clear leader in the smartphone market.



Its growing share of the smartphone market has also changed the inclination of developers towards it now gone are the days when Apple use to be the preferred choice for app developers now the tide has shifted in android’s favor.

Android is simple and more importantly affordable as compare to other it has many markers as well. Hence the market share of android is emerging across the globe, especially in South Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

Opportunities with Android:

Ever since Google launched its mobile operating system android it has taken the market of mobile apps to a new high. The number smart phone users is growing day by day and share of Android phones in this market is becoming larger as well. The sale of smartphones is expected to go into billions this year, leaving personal computers and laptops way behind.

There are many mobile app development companies in India and market potential is very high in the Delhi NCR area. The trend has also caught up in Noida, now android app development in Noida is a serious and profitable business. Noida is a part of Delhi NCR and also an IT hub for Utter Pradesh. It has skilled and talented developers in plenty and companies in Noida get opportunities of business from both onshore and offshore clients.

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