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Tech Support

Tech Support


Tech Support

Web Initiate providing live and formidable support for all your computer problems.

email-marketingWeb Initiate is providing live and formidable support for any computer related problems, whether it is for your personal use or for business purpose. Included in our array of live support services are solving issues related to Emails, Network support, setup, installation and upgrading, computer support, support of different brands, printer related problems, onsite support Manhattan, support for internet browser and antivirus support.

Our support for Emails includes installation, solving issues in configuration, fixing errors, resolving errors in multiple receiving and sending emails and other issues. Support for Router involves installation of Wi-Fi, Router of any type,connectivity problem for modem for Wifiland and support for installation of modem. Our advanced technological support will ensure that your online work is not interrupted for long hours and to that effect we also provide support for problems relating to blue screen of Windows, installation and upgradation of OS relating to Windows 7, XP and Vista, resolving problems related to start up, slow booting and corruption of Windows. We also provide support for resolving critical problems relating to operating system.

It is through our live support based on latest technology that we are being considered as lifeline for those who want uninterrupted flow of online work so that their businesses are not hampered. To mention few more services that we are providing, laptop repair from remote support, solving software issues, internet repair for laptops, hardware issues and online support for any type of PC are some for resolving computer issues. We are also providing support for PC maintenance to resolve all problems relating to slow booting, freezing and a host of other problems. Our support services also include support for different brands assisting in purchasing from Store. Our live support services for malfunctioning printers include solving issues relating to installation, scanning, upgrading and setting up of wireless printers. Relating to support for internet browsing, we provide solutions in privacy settings and history cleaning, support for any version. Our specialization lies in providing you support for antivirus to solve any problems for your computer which can save you from disaster while working on your PC. We have an experienced and skilled team of professionals providing you live support relating to any type of computer problems anywhere in Manhattan. We are just a call away.

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E-mailing is used by millions all over the world today. Besides acting as an effective Launchpad for receiving and sending e-mails, this tool is effective as it also has several helpful attributes such as contact manager, task manager, calendar, web browser etc. Whether it is a small store or a large corporate house, this tool is used widely where e-mail communication is established.


With technology advancing in leaps and bounds, one can hardly get their task done without support from machines. Moreover the highly competitive market conditions calls smooth and complete technical support. However owing to low budget and other constraints not all companies are able to maintain a dedicated IT team. This can often be a hindrance to the growth of the company.


The fast growth of businesses over the last decade, especially in the e-commerce arena can be hugely attributed to the fast growth in realms of computer and technology. Now, with the fast growth of computer and technology there’s been a huge rise in demand for expert support and maintenance as well. Small or mid-sized businesses often do not have their own team of dedicated IT which means a higher TAT in fixing up issues regarding networking and other computer glitches


With more and more businesses going online and creating an online mark, the need for proper anti-virus software are also on the rise. Loss or theft of online data is the biggest concern for businesses going online and that is where companies look to take guard. At Web Initiate we provide anti-virus support to your system so that they remain secured from other harmful files. Almost all companies use the cloud space nowadays to make their data available pretty easily from anywhere


That the internet plays a crucial role in connecting people and business is nothing new but studies say that mal-functioning of internet connections and browser errors often lead to business and deal and payment failure which obviously impacts a business adversely. The most essential aspect of a business is that it stays connected to its customers and stakeholders. And what can be a better tool than the internet to establish and maintain such a connection.


Each business nowadays rides on technological leverage. That is what provides it the platform to grow and perform better. Especially businesses that are into the online space and only have an online identity have to focus more on improving and maintaining their system. Crucial data of companies and other vital details are stored online and a failure in the system would affect the business adversely.


The sprawling rise networking has indeed made this world a smaller place and this have had a huge positive impact on businesses. Wi-Fi has been the most essential aspect of networking of late and has fast become the most popular way of going online all over the world. From household personal use to corporate uses, W—fi has been the ‘it’ factor in the world of information technology. It is a wireless networking process through which data is exchanged with the help of radio waves.


A proper technical support is what sets the difference between a successful endeavor and failure. In today’s highly competitive business environment, one hardly has the luxury to sit idle on system failures or lack of proper technical support. Companies that do not have their own IT team often find themselves struggling to get the best support and resume their business.

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